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Organizational Contacts
Organizational ContactsContact Directory

DMACC Unit Leads

Data Management and Reporting Unit

Kayla Denson, Kelly Dunn

Clinical Trials Auditing Unit

Holly Shaw, Barbara Wollmer

Administrative and Coordinating Unit

Kelly Miller, (608) 262-8141


Division of Cancer Prevention

Don Johnsey, Program Officer, (240) 276-7029

Lead Academic Organization Contacts

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, iCAN-PREVENT: International Cancer Prevention Clinical Trial Consortium

Chol Ho James Kim, Regulatory Coordinator, (832) 750-1603

University of Michigan, Early Phase Clinical Cancer Prevention Consortium (ClinCaP)

Yarden Ginsburg, Lead Coordinator, (734) 763-3090

Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, Northwestern Cancer Prevention Consortium

Kelly Benante, Lead Coordinator, (312) 503-7821

University of Arizona, University of Arizona Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Network (UA CP-CTNet)

Amy Selegue, Lead Coordinator, (520) 318-9298

The University of Wisconsin, The MW Chemoprevention Network

Katina DeShong, Lead Coordinator, (608) 265-2493

Learn more about CP-CTNet on the National Cancer Institute website

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